Skype Conference with Swedish Expert of the Project ‘Wet Grain Package’

At Wednesday, October 4th, the project team ‘Korntainer’ had a meeting with the expert and design engineer of the wet grain in package machinery, Mister H. Arvidsson, of the Swedish Machinery Testing Institute Umeå. Not only the project team joined the meeting, but also the supervisor, Mister N. Frände and Y. Dahlback, as his research assistant. The goal of the conference was to coordinate the work of the single project groups. Mister Arvidsson is responsible for the design and the practical execution of the machinery, which fills the wet grain into big bags. The project team ‘Korntainer’ tries to find possibilities for a responsible handling of the plastic waste that arises from the packaging process. Because the development of the machinery of Mister Arvidsson is more advanced than the research work of the project team, the group enquired about the definite ideas of Mister Arvidsson regarding the raw material and the design of the inner and outer foil of the big bags. These requirements are summarised below:

  • outer foil should be reused (similar to the standard Big Bags)
  • inner foil can be made for one-time usage with the possibility of recycling (no garbage incineration)
  • if the inner foil is made for reuse, the cleaning should be thoroughly (reused foil should be as clean as a new foil to avoid a contamination with moulding remains of the former wet grain storing)
  • Size of the used big bags for the wet grain package process is based on the size of commercially available big bags
  • There are no constraints for the raw material of the inner foil with one exception: it should be a cheap solution

The information is important for the project team to plan their future research work in an efficient way. After this meeting, the project team entered the Project Planning Phase and began to plan their work for the next 10 weeks.

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