Future tasks of the project

The team ‘Korntainer’ is close to two big milestones. The first milestone is Friday, the 20th of October. This is the first deadline to show the preliminary research results in the mid-term report. The second milestone is Tuesday, the 24th of October. On Tuesday, every EPS group has to present their results in a presentation. The presentations are starting at 8:00 in the morning. The presentation of ‘Korntainer’ starts at 10:30.

After these coming milestones, ‘Korntainer’ needs to aim at new milestones in the last few weeks. The first milestone is shortly after the presentation. The team will meet Niklas the next day to evaluate the results that the team showed during the presentation. A good feedback will help the team to make the next steps that will accomplish the final report.

The other milestone has no specific date, but it will be arranged in week 43 or 44. In one of the two weeks ,‘Korntainer’ will visit a recycling company in Vasa. During this visit, the team wants to learn more about how Vasa is dealing with the plastic waste. Are they using the plastic waste for landfill, combust and how successful are recycling programs?

These are the main milestones in the next few weeks. For now, the team will focus on the mid-term report and mid-term presentation. The team is looking forward to meet the people who are interested in this project at the presentation’s day.

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