To increase the competitiveness of the farmers in the Scandinavian regions, an association of research institutes wants to introduce the technique of “Wet Grain in Package”  in the program area of Botnia in Scandinavia.

This will be an energy-saving, cost and environmentally effective system to pack, store and manage crimped grain at high water content. The storage in big tubes is almost established in the agricultural industries and at the farms, but the big tubes cannot be handled properly. Therefore, they are not the optimal solution. The new packages for the wet grain should be smaller in form of the well-known “Big Bags”, but with two layers, one air-tight inner layer and a viable outer layer.

On this website a group of Erasmus students wants to present their ideas about sustainable methods of packaging the wet grain. The project goal is:

“Investigation about the handling of the plastic waste that arises from the packaging process”